Why Shoes

Why Shoes

What do Fergie, Celine Dion, Megan Fox, and Keira Knightley have in common – aside from their status as international celebrities?

For ladies, you may be on the right track: they all confess to having shoe fetish! Most, if not all, guys are familiar with the unexplained passion women hold for footwear that could border on obsession. One would think shoes which can be regarded as instruments of torture would hold no appeal for women; think again. Much like any other body accessory, shoes complete the picture. It is able to make an outfit work or destroy the entire look – you and I have at least seen individuals with the most interesting articles of clothing but mismatched shoes, once in our lifetime.

So the question here: do women invest in shoes the same way that men invest in cars or electronic gadgets?

Undoubtedly, every woman loves a sale and would not give up an opportunity to grab a pair of shoes that has its price marked down of 50%. There are shoes for formal functions, social events and casual wear. Unfortunately, one pair of shoes cannot be used in different settings. For example, a pair of flats would be acceptable in formal functions but can one wear it to the market?

How many pairs of shoes should one have then? An analogy to better explain this would be between women's shoes and men's neckties. Can a man only possess four neckties at any duration in their life? Some may say, “Yes, he can” but keep in mind that if one need to wear them on a daily basis, four neckties will not be enough.

What about women, like the aforementioned stars, who have enough shoes to feed an entire country in poverty for a week? If one has the money to indulge, the market continually offers what the consumers want. If shoes is what they want, it is shoes they will get.