Thai New Year Songkran 2023

The fun vibe of the Thai Songkran Festival has begun, where massive of people around the world came out to celebrate and enjoy water splashing for the first time after three years. This year, Central Pattana has included memorable moments in each region nationwide, where people escape the heat to experience the beauty of Thai culture as well as entertainment from world-class music festivals at Central shopping centers, Songkran landmark of each region, across the country under campaign 'THAILAND'S SONGKRAN FESTIVAL 2023'. Experience a fantastic music festival as well as immerse the beauty of local traditions of each region in Thailand.

Central Pattana has joined hands with partners to put forward Songkran festival with spectacular entertainment activities that combine both cultural and entertainment aspects e.g. the water festival, the best water-splashing spot in the heart of the city at centralwOrld. The festival achievements included Superfluid, a world-class music festival among the water flow, a Buddha image water-pouring ceremony, – 'Khon' performances and retro markets.

The highlight of Songkran landmarks took place nationwide at Central Phuket – Big Island Water Fun, the largest EDM party on the island, Central Pattaya – Water Splash Festival packed with popular artists and DJs, the free concert at Central Korat in 'PEPSI Presents Songkran Korat 2023', Central Khonkaen – hosted a free concert and meet a famous artists, Central Hatyai Songkran Festival, the largest Songkran event in the south region, Central Chiangmai Songkran FunFest 2023, the largest Songkran landmark in the North, Central Chiangrai – Chang Songkarn NEON Party concert, Central WestGate – Westgate Songkran Concert 2023. Highlights cultural activities such as Central Pinklao – hosted the special 'Khon' performance of Ban Narasilp, Central Salaya – hosted a mini-scale 'Khon' show from Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmit Demonstration School (Elementary), Central Chiangmai Airport – the Paslop dance of 500 dancers, the largest Paslop dance show in the North, Central Udon – Somtam Entertainment contest, Central Suratthani – showed over 50 amazing kites at the World Champion International Kites Show and Songkran Wanlai Festival 2023 at Central Pattaya hosted fresh splash festival of the year featuring popular artists, DJs and fun free concert.

Central Pattana Public Company Limited (“the Company” or “Central Pattana”) was established on June 17, 1980, with an initial registered capital of Baht 300 mn. In 1982, Central Pattana launched Central Ladprao, the first fully integrated shopping center in Thailand. Central Pattana was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on March 1, 1995, with a registered capital of Baht 1,000 mn and a par value of Baht 10 per share. Currently, its paid-up capital is Baht 2,244 mn, with a par value of Baht 0.5 per share, of which the majority is held by Central Holdings Co., Ltd.

Almost 40 successful years, CENTRALPATTANA has evolved into Thailand's largest and most sophisticated developer of retail property. Currently the Company owns and manages 38 premium shopping centers, 10 office buildings, 5 Hotels and 28 residential buildings. With a total leasable area (NLA) exceeding 2.3 million sq.m., CENTRALPATTANA is undoubtedly the industry leader surpassing its closest competitor by more than double in size.

The Company's long-term strategy envisages the development of its trademark shopping centers in well-identified locations offering high potential both in Bangkok and in major cities throughout Thailand. Its next challenge is to move overseas, exporting its retail property expertise to neighboring countries through the development of innovative World class shopping centers in strategic markets.

Visit Thailand During the Summer and Songkran

Welcome to Thailand, a paradise for travelers from around the world during this time of year which coincides with Summer and Songkran. With all the upcoming festive activities, Thailand is really happening.

The Emporium and The EmQuartier, under The Mall Group, warmly serve tourists with Thailand's festivals. "We have brought the true feel of Songkran at our stores, such as traditional Thai dresses for sale for the Instagram fanatics and Khao Chae, rice oaked in cool aromatic water only available during this time to cater to tourists who have come to experience Thailand during this auspicious time," said Voralak Tulaphorn, Chief Marketing Officer of The Mall Group.

The Emporium, one of Thailand's premier shopping destinations, was renovated to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. The renovated Emporium features an expanded selection of luxury brands, including one of the flagship Gucci in Thailand, Bvlgari Café, Jim Thompson, some new dining options such as Gourmet Eats, some of the award-winning restaurants such as the Michelin and local Gourmet Awards. The whole department store was revamped to include repertoires such as Hermes Beauty, Gucci Beauty, History of Whoo, Shiseido Elixer, Elemis and more. Don't forget to explore Thai designer fashion as that would be just as captivating as other popular global brands.

The new look of the mall interior features modern design elements, luxurious finishes, and a thoughtful layout that maximizes space as well as implementing special photogenic spots for tourists where they can take pictures and enjoy city sightseeing like rarely seen. "We are thrilled to welcome our tourists back to The Emporium and The EmQuartier," said Onthira Bharksuwan, Senior Vice President of The Emporium Shopping Complex. "Our goal with the renovations was to elevate the shopping experience for our customers, and we believe we have achieved that."

The Emporium and The EmQuartier invite shoppers to experience the newly renovated mall and indulge in the luxury shopping experience. Visit tourist lounges or TripAdvisor and get Tourist Card, which tourists can use as additional discounts* throughout the store. In addition, a liaison service is available to escort visitors through their shopping experience to make it one to remember.

For more information on our stores or other inquiries, please visit The Emporium tourist lounge at B1 floor and Helix Quartier GF at EmQuartier.

Bold Expansion in the ASEAN SMART Learning Market

As the current global pandemic has forced much of the world to embrace remote learning, the demand for innovative smart-learning solutions has seen an exponential increase. Thailand’s Southeast Asian College (SEAC) is meeting this demand head-on with bold expansion plans for the ASEAN smart-learning market.

SEAC was founded in 2018 to help bridge the gap between technology and education. With the mission to “transform the way people learn through innovative solutions”, SEAC has quickly become a leader in the smart-learning industry. The college has a wide variety of programs that use technology to provide a more interactive and engaging learning experience. From virtual reality and augmented reality to web-based learning and far-field voice recognition, SEAC is revolutionizing the way students learn.

SEAC's expansion plans for the ASEAN smart-learning market aim to make learning more accessible to students across the ASEAN region. This includes creating new partnerships with universities and educational institutions to provide students with a wider range of courses and services. The college is also working to create more opportunities for students to engage in virtual reality and augmented reality learning experiences. For example, SEAC is partnering with Google to develop a Virtual Classroom, which uses Google’s AR and VR technologies to enable students to virtually attend classes from anywhere in the world.

In addition to its innovative technology solutions, SEAC is also making strides in developing its own content library, featuring a range of courses from a variety of disciplines. The library will be available to all students in the ASEAN region, enabling them to access quality course material from leading universities and educational institutions.

To support its efforts in the ASEAN smart-learning market, SEAC is also making investments in its research and development team. The team is currently developing a range of learning solutions that aim to make learning fun, interactive, and personalized. This includes the development of a “learning companion”, which will use AI to provide personalized learning recommendations to students. The college is also looking into the development of a “smart AI-powered tutor”, which will be able to detect and address students’ individual learning needs.

With its bold expansion plans, SEAC is on its way to becoming a leader in the ASEAN smart-learning market. The college’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and creating new opportunities for students across the region is setting it apart from the competition. SEAC’s expansion plans are a great example of how technology can be used to empower people and create more inclusive learning environments.

For today’s female professionals aged 30-60, SEAC’s plans for the ASEAN smart-learning market represent an exciting opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the job market. By investing in the latest tech-driven learning solutions, women can access quality education and gain the skills they need for a successful career. With SEAC’s commitment to developing innovative learning solutions, the possibilities are endless.

Learning Ecosystem To Upskill Learners

SEAC, Southeast Asia's SMART learning leader today launch their 456 Smart Learning Ecosystem to address the slow rate at which the education and training industries are evolving their learning approaches . SEAC has innovated and refined its approach over the last ten years to better meet learners needs in this new era of rapid change and upskilling. SEAC's 456 learning experience solution integrates content, technology, design, and experience expertise to reimagine learning by using their trademarked 456 methodologies.

The solution begins with defining the five phases that a learner must go through to ensure buy-in, value, retention, and application: essentially, a bridge across their skill gap. Following that, SEAC weaves four distinct learning lines to support the learners in crossing that bridge to their future. Finally, SEAC incorporates targeted lab experiences to assist learners in accelerating and applying their new skills with confidence and impact. SEAC's 4-Line Learning, 5-Phase Development, and 6 Learning Labs are a technology-enabled ecosystem and toolkit for effectively closing the massive skill gaps learners' face.

4-Line Learning: Weaving four distinct modes of learning, OnLine, InLine, FrontLine, and BeeLine, to foster community and momentum for maximum learning impact.

5-Phase Development: The five stages that learners must go through to effectively buy in, learn, retain, and apply new skills, mindsets, and tools. The suggested order is as follows:

-- Phase 1: Introduce & Enroll: What is the significance of what I am about to learn? What is the value to me?

-- Phase 2: Baseline and Measure: What does good look like in the context of what I'm about to learn? What am I doing now? Where and with whom might I apply this new mindset/skillset?

--Phase 3: Connect and Inspire: What impact can we have if we truly succeed? How will I/we collaborate with others to learn and grow as a community?

--Phase 4: Build and Integrate: How will I apply this content to my work, and where and with whom will I apply this new mindset/skill?

--Phase 5: Consolidate and Sustain: What mindsets, skills, and tools are the most useful? Where and how will I put them to use and keep the momentum?

6 Learning Labs: Short, powerful, targeted interventions added at the right moment to speed up and boost learning and application. These are some examples:

-- Unpacking: Unpacking for greater comprehension and application

-- Skill Practice: 'Acting out' current situations with my new skills and tools.

-- S.T.A.R. Application and Reflection: Planning, executing, and reflecting on applying my learning in situations in my work/life that I am attempting to change,

-- Group/Individual Coaching: Support for action learning projects and applications on a group, team, and individual basis.

-- Impact Presentations: Documenting and sharing the outcomes of my learning with others.

-- Communities of Practice: A group of lifelong learners who share a passion for sustaining change.

By combining these three learning design and delivery frameworks yield an effective, learner-focused experience that reduces unnecessary content, activities, and distractions in favor of context and application.

"This ever-changing environment we live in today has brought us great technological advancements as well as unexpected problems," said Arinya Talerngsri, SEAC Chief Capability Officer, Managing Director, and Founder. "Smart Learning is still getting used to its new normal. As a critical solution provider in Thailand, we are still transitioning from "short-term surge" to "long-term transformation" while overcoming other obstacles. However, our most recent educational innovations are producing astounding results. The context and learner needs are prioritized over content in SEAC's upskilling methodology. As a result, our star 456 Learning Experience is user-oriented and focuses on learners' immediate needs, as should any similar education and training framework."

SEAC leads the Thai Smart Learning market and provides high-quality, all-inclusive smart education to a diverse range of learners and organizations seeking to upgrade their capabilities. SEAC are the only holistic SMART Learning Service provider and hold 35% of the Thai upskilling market. The Company created a learning -experience for people of all age that serves as a bridge to the other side and a better self and future.

SEAC's innovative 456 Learning Experience encourages learners to find the best and most useful ways to learn, apply, and grow by balancing out other out-of-date L&D models. "Practicality and creativity are important parts of who we are as an organization, and they are deeply ingrained in our DNA," Ms. Arinya Talerngsri continued. "We have obligations to everyone, whether they are users or not. Gaining a larger share of the $7 trillion global consumer market for education is both difficult and worthwhile. We will give back to the industry and rely on the capital market to assist us in empowering our learners and partner organizations through learning."

Established in Thailand, and with more than 30 years of experience in people development, SEAC has provided innovative and practical approaches to over 2 million learners from more than 1,000 companies, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore. SEAC helps them to improve their life through bespoke transformative learning experiences. The Company reimagines how people can upskill and reskill themselves. By integrating learner context, content, process, community, and technology, SEAC has built a complete smart learning ecosystem that serves the needs of learners across generations, industries, life changes, and organizational levels.