Renowned Beauty Ambassadors

For centuries, Thailand has been well known as a nation of beautiful landscapes and fascinating culture. In recent years, Thailand has been recognized for something else – its beauty ambassadors. The country’s beauty ambassadors have become increasingly well-known. At the same time, their influence on the global beauty industry has grown exponentially. From famous actors to popular influencers, Thailand has some of the most influential beauty ambassadors in the world.

While Thailand is better known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, it is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world- many of its cities and towns boast incredible architectural wonders. Thailand hosts some of the most diverse wildlife and is a hotspot for adventure and exploration. No wonder Thailand is a popular travel destination. Further, Thailand’s beauty industry is much admired by many. What makes Thailand unique? It is not just its physical beauty but its people as well. Thailand is a country full of beautiful people who represent the country in a unique and vibrant way. From models to actors, singers to dancers, these beauty ambassadors have captured the hearts and minds of many around the world.

In 2023, Thailand will celebrate its Year of Beauty. It is no surprise that Thailand has selected some of the brightest and most talented beauty envoys to represent the country. The ambassadors were selected from each region throughout the country; they participated in a national competition, and the winners were chosen. They will be recognized as respected and talented beauty ambassadors.

The envoys will be travelling around the world, showcasing Thailand's beauty to the world. They will be attending photo shoots, fashion shows, and other events, all with the purpose of promoting Thailand and its beauty. They will appear in magazines, on television, and on social media, making sure everyone knows about Thailand’s beauty. Undoubtedly, Thailand’s beauty ambassadors in 2023 will delight everyone with their beauty and charm. They will be ambassadors of beauty, culture, and friendship. Their presence will testify to Thailand’s beauty and spirit. Keep an eye out for Thailand’s beauty ambassadors in 2023-they will certainly make Thailand even more beautiful.

Thailand’s beauty ambassadors are already playing an essential role in the industry. They are actively involved in campaigns, events, and initiatives that promote the industry. They are creating awareness about the importance of skincare, makeup, and other beauty products, by sharing their experiences and expertise with the public. In 2023, the ambassadors will be even more influential. They will be a major part of the beauty industry in Thailand, helping to shape it and drive it forward. They will be the face of the industry and will lead the way in developing innovative products and services.

The beauty envoys will use their influence to promote the industry throughout the world. They will be travelling around the world, representing Thailand’s beauty industry while showcasing its unique products and services. Undoubtedly, this will promote a global presence for Thailand’s beauty resources. The envoys will be an essential part of the country's beauty sector. They will help promote the industry and create awareness while also creating new opportunities and markets. Even in the future, the envoys will continue to be a formidable force in the industry, helping to drive it forward.

The beauty ambassadors have made a big name for themselves by promoting the country’s beauty products, services and culture to the rest of the world. The envoys are an important part of Thailand's tourism industry; they’ve promoted the country as a premier destination for tourists from all over the world. We can get to know Thailand's foremost beauty ambassadors and their contributions to Thai culture and society.

Thailand’s most prominent beauty ambassador, Ananda Everingham (in the pic) was appointed in 2019. Since then, the number of beauty ambassadors has grown to over 40. The ambassadors come from all walks of life, including professional models, makeup artists, and influencers, to name a few. They are chosen for their beauty, knowledge, and dedication to promoting the industry in Thailand. As the beauty ambassadors continue to grow in number and influence, they have become a force to reckon with. Likely, in 2023, they will make a bigger impact on the industry’s prospects.

Miss Universe and Mouawad unveil Force for Good Jan 2023

Miss Universe and Mouawad unveil Force for Good Jan 2023

The Miss Universe Organization today unveiled "The Crown Number 12: Force for Good", crafted by world-renowned luxury jeweler Mouawad. The new crown, with pear-shaped blue sapphires surrounded by diamonds and valued at approximately USD 5.58 million, will be the prestigious mark of honor for the winner of the 71st MISS UNIVERSE® Competition. The event will take place on January 14, 2023, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

A unique, bespoke work of art and craft, the Force for Good crown emanates Mouawad's passion for crafting the extraordinary, featuring the meticulous setting of sapphires and diamonds, whose design is replete with symbolism. Reflecting the point that significant change does not happen in an instant, the base of the crown is set with diamonds symbolizing the status quo. From the base upwards, rippling wave motifs reflect the momentum of change, with their varying sizes portraying that this momentum gains ground gradually through advocacy at different moments and places, to audiences large and small, over time.

"It has been an honor to craft a new crown for The Miss Universe Organization, and to create a new sparkling chapter in the story of Mouawad Miss Universe crowns, said Mouawad Co-guardian Fred Mouawad. "The Mouawad Miss Universe Force for Good Crown is a work of extraordinary craftsmanship, completely crafted and set and by hand total 993 stones setting, featuring 110.83 carat of blue sapphire and 48.24 carat of white diamond in a design that evokes The Miss Universe Organization's belief in a future forged by women who push the limits of what's possible and the incredible women from around the world who advocate for positive change."

Upon closer inspection, the culmination of these wave-like curls at the base emulates a serpent's head, symbolizing the challenges involved in swaying opponents and those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. As the eye moves upward from the base of the crown, the color gradient changes from the glistening white of diamonds to the warm blue of sapphires, deepening in intensity toward the pinnacle of the crown. At the top, a stunning of Royal Blue sapphire pear-shape 45.14 carat displays a depth of color emblematic of the goodness that can be achieved through persistent action and of the hope for a brighter future.

Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, Chief Executive Officer of JKN Global Group Public Company Limited, as the new owner of The Miss Universe Organization, said: "The Miss Universe 2022 Force for Good Crown stands for a graceful reincarnation of The Miss Universe Organization's long-standing values and heritage as a guiding light, shining bright to the future glory. The new crown is also the dazzling illustration of both the challenges and rewards that come when young women advocate for causes close to their heart and strive make an impact on the world."

"As we are stepping into the new era of women's empowerment, The Miss Universe Organization will continue to be a global organization run by women for women with a promise to serve as an inspirational platform that celebrates diverse women, supporting them to realize their ambition and build self-confidence, while evolving the brand over time to be more relevant and appealing to the next generation. Our new ambition is to instill the sense of passion for 'transformational leadership' among us all, with firm belief that everyone can lead, to be successful and achieve their life goals. With this future-oriented approach, the Miss Universe brand is keen to take on a pivotal role in involving and engaging people on a journey toward social inclusion, gender equality and environmental sustainability," added Anne Jakapong.

The "MISS UNIVERSE x MOUAWAD: Unveiling the new crown "Force for Good", the New Emblem of Beautifully Confident" press conference revealed the new crown held in TRUE ICON HALL, 7th floor, ICONSIAM. Bangkok, Thailand, and has been witnessed by over 150 local media and VIPs. The event was also broadcast via JKN 18 TV channel and live streaming on Miss Universe YouTube channel and JKN18 Facebook page, attended by thousands of international media.

The partnership between The Miss Universe Organization and Mouawad was formed in 2019, which saw winners of a prestigious competition, MISS UNIVERSE® honored with crowns crafted by Mouawad.

Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip said she was excited to bring the new crown to the stage of the 71st MISS UNIVERSE® Competition herself. The event will take place on Saturday, January 14, 2023, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Last year's winner Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Bangkok Beauty Show 2022

Bangkok Beauty Show 2022

Organized by KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center), the 6th K-Beauty Expo Bangkok and the 3rd Bangkok Beauty Show 2022" will be held for 3 days from 15th – 17th of December 2022 at BITEC (Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center) with the aim to update the latest trends in the K-Beauty industry and open new business opportunities for companies from both Thailand and South Korea.

Under the theme "Where beauty blooms and cosmetics professionals come together", this year's expo will feature more than 100 companies from South Korea and 50 companies from Thailand and international, making it the exhibition with the largest number of South Korean companies participating in beauty fairs held in Thailand.

Hwa Young Lee, President of KINTEX, explained "The Thai market is one of South Korea's five largest cosmetics exporters and is the largest cosmetics market, with an overall cosmetics market size of 6 trillion KRW (around $4.4bn). It is also regarded as the base market for companies looking to expand into Southeast Asia. The recent rise of 'Hallyu' (also known as the South Korean Wave) in Southeast Asia through Netflix and K-POP is expected to increase the demand for South Korean cosmetic products even further, providing an opportunity for companies seeking entrance into the Southeast Asian market."

This exhibition will bring together all the promising K-beauty trends. The South Korean beauty industry is focusing on "Clean Beauty" products using eco-friendly packaging materials or excluding animal-based ingredients, on "Smart Beauty" items enabling intensive beauty care at households, and on "Hair Care" related products with rising number of populations suffering from hair loss.

The exhibition also provides an opportunity for international cultural exchange to promote K-culture. The Korean Makeup Artists Association and Hair & Beauty Magazine of Thailand will collaborate to hold the " International K-Beauty Fair & Hair Show 2022" and will host an international makeup contest. Makeup artists will participate in the categories of makeup, hair, and nail art, with the

following categories: bridal makeup, fashion fantasy makeup, character makeup, art mask, and body painting for the makeup category; creative cutting and styling for the hair category; and salon art and flat art for the nail category.

KINTEX has been focusing on K-Beauty's international expansion continuously since 2016. In Thailand, where KINTEX first entered as the overseas market, KINTEX launched a local exhibition brand called "Bangkok Beauty Show" in 2018. While "K-Beauty Expo Bangkok" presents "K-Beauty", the "Bangkok Beauty Show" presents "Southeast Asian Beauty," differentiating and making competitive KINTEX's "K-Beauty Expo Bangkok" from other beauty exhibitions held in Thailand. Through the localization of the "Bangkok Beauty Show", KINTEX has continuously strengthened its network with Thai associations and organizations, further enhancing its entry into the Thai beauty market. Currently, the Korean Cosmetic Association (KCA), Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thai Cosmetic Cluster Trade Association (TCOS), and Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand (TCC) are participating as official sponsors of the K-Beauty Expo Bangkok.

K-Beauty Expo Bangkok and Bangkok Beauty Show will be the last exhibition of the year to present among the series of K-Beauty Expos that kicked off in Taiwan and Indonesia in August and South Korea in October. The consecutive success of the three previous exhibitions confirmed the influence of "Hallyu (Korean Wave)" and K-Beauty in the Southeast Asian beauty market, and the upcoming exhibition in Bangkok is expected to reassure the growing interest of K-culture in the Southeastern area.

Top Capital Employers

Top Capital Employers

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination in the world; it is home to the topmost employers in the country. As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is home to many large businesses and employers. In recent years, Bangkok has become known as a top employer in the country, offering decent salaries and benefits to employees.

Bangkok is a bustling metropolis with a diverse economy. Unsurprisingly, it offers a wide range of job opportunities. While many multinational corporations have a presence in the city, plenty of small businesses and startups are looking for talented employees. Admittedly, with so many people looking for work in Bangkok, it can be challenging to know where to start your job search. By taking the time to research the top employers in the city, you can narrow down your options. You may even find the perfect job for your skills and experience. First, identify your career goals. What type of job are you looking for? What skills and experience do you possess?

By taking the time to research and connect with the top employers in Bangkok, you can increase the chances of landing a dream job. With a little effort, you can find the perfect job and enjoy all Bangkok offers. As noted, Bangkok is a central hub for businesses and industries. Bangkok is home to some of the top employers in the country. There are many reasons why Bangkok is a top employer. First, the city offers a decent range of salaries. Second, benefits are often better in Bangkok than in other parts of the country. Finally, the city provides an excellent chance for job opportunities; this makes it a great place to work. How do you proceed?

Once you establish that , you can contact the top employers in Bangkok. Talk to people you know who work in Bangkok. Look for online lists of the best companies to work for. When you have a list of potential employers, reach out and introduce yourself. Attend job fairs and networking events. Make sure you follow up after your meeting.

So, who is Bangkok's top employer? Well, this is a highly sought-after title. The company that holds this title must be able to offer a great working environment, good pay and benefits, and a solid commitment to their employees. First on our list is Bangkok Bank; this is among the largest banks in Thailand. With over 16,000 employees, Bangkok Bank has a huge presence in the city. The bank has a strong focus on customer service, and its employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Yes, in many ways, this title goes to Bangkok Bank.

Bangkok Bank has consistently ranked the best place to work in Thailand; this is because it offers its employees attrative benefits and perks. The bank's commitment to its employees is evident in its policies and programs, which include flexible working hours, a generous leave policy, and a focus on employee development.

Bangkok bank is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new employer. The institution will likely continue as a top employer in the coming year. Interestingly, in a recent survey, another of Bangkok's top employers turned out to be the city's largest hospital. The hospital was praised for its excellent working conditions, competitive pay, and comprehensive benefits package. Employees also noted the hospital's commitment to employee development and career advancement.

Next is Siam Commercial Bank: This is another large bank in Thailand. With over 14,000 employees, Siam Commercial Bank is a leading bank in the country. The bank has a strong focus on providing excellent customer service. Its employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Last on our list is Krung Thai Bank, another large bank in Thailand. With over 12,000 employees, Krung Thai Bank is among the top banks in the country. The bank firmly commits to providing world-class customer service. Moreover, its employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable.

If you're looking for a suitable job in Thailand, Bangkok is the place to look. With so many employers to choose from, you're sure to find a position that's right for you. So, who takes the trophy as the top employer in Bangkok? Evidently, that would be Bangkok Bank, one of the largest banks in Thailand. The bank offers a range of financial services and products. It's always on the lookout for talented and ambitious employees. Bangkok is the place to be if you're looking for an exciting and challenging job in a fast-paced city. Yes, for the moment, Bangkok Bank is the top employer in the city and the country.